Open Water Foundation / Data

This website provides data resources, including spatial datasets and other useful data for water resources. The data resources listed below are organized to simplify access and in many cases consist of reformatted or value-added data from an original data source. See also other Open Water Foundation websites:

Dataset ID Focus Spatial Extent Description Dataset Link
cdss-data-spatial-bybasin Agriculture, environment Colorado OWF processed Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS) statewide and water division spatial datasets into smaller water district datasets and is publishing in additional formats such as GeoJSON, in order to facilitate use of spatial data. This site is under development and will be fully operational soon. CDSS spatial data by basin
cdss-data-test Agriculture, environment Colorado Initial rough prototype to illustrate download of spatial datasets by Colorado state, water division, and water district. This prototype will be removed when the above resources are published. CDSS spatial datasets by basin prototype